How to Become a Massage Therapist in Indiana

Massage therapy is a rapidly growing industry. There are many opportunities to take advantage of and a wide variety of career paths that can be pursued. The requirements to become a licensed or certified massage therapist varies depending on which state you live in. To become a massage therapist in Indiana, these are some of the steps that you will need to take.

becoming a massage therapist in Indianapolis, Indiana

Go to School

Most, if not all, states require that you spend a specified amount of time on education. The state regulators for massage therapy recognize that getting knowledge and experience in a controlled environment is important for those who want to become massage therapists. At Indiana Wellness College, located in Indianapolis, the courses are designed to help students gain useful skills that they can apply as soon as they graduate and find work as a massage therapist. Students can learn about the human body, massage therapy techniques, and business skills. All of these are important in becoming a successful massage therapist and are the types of things that the state board wants you to learn before becoming a licensed massage therapist.

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Hour Requirements in Indiana

Each state has its own minimum hour requirement. The state of Indiana requires that massage therapists complete 500 hours of education before receiving their license. While this is the minimum requirement, it is usually not enough time to both give the information necessary and gain valuable experience in massage. At IMC, the Massage Therapy program is divided into four quarters. In each quarter of the program new topics and techniques can be learned and practiced. Once all four quarters of the program have been completed, the student will have 900 hours of education and practice. The additional hours can help prepare the student to not only get their license for Indiana, but will help them gain certification or licensure in other states with higher hour requirements. These hours are pivotal in giving the student the best chance of success in his or her career as a massage therapist.

Take an Approved Exam

Once you have completed the required hours of education, most states require that you pass an exam before they issue you a license. In Indiana the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) is the most common test that massage therapy students take to before getting their license. The MBLEx is a 100 question multiple choice test and a minimum score of 630 on a scale of 300-900 is required to pass. The IMC Massage Therapy program is designed to give the students the knowledge they need to take the exam.

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Scheduling Your Exam

There are a few steps you will have to take to apply, register, and schedule a time to take the exam.

  1. Apply to take the exam
  2. Wait for confirmation email with code
  3. Use confirmation code to schedule a time to take the test within 90 days of receiving email
  4. Receive confirmation email with test location, date, and time
  5. Show up and take the test

map of testing centers in Indianapolis, Indiana
Here’s a list of Pearson testing centers in or near Indianapolis where you could take your exams:

  • 2629 Waterfront Parkway East Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46214
  • 3500 DePauw Blvd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
  • 630 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana 47807

Once you are finished with the test, you will be able to see your score and it will also be sent to the state board.

Applying for Massage Therapy License

The final step for receiving your massage therapy license in the state of Indiana is to send in your application. The application has several parts that go with it.

  1. The application itself
  2. A criminal background check
  3. A passport sized photo
  4. Transcripts from the massage therapy school you attended
  5. Your exam scores
  6. Proof of professional liability insurance

These are the main things you will have to pull together to send in your application. You can check here to see if there are any other types or forms of documentation that you will have to produce based on your situation. You can also use this checklist to help you put together all of the documents you will need for your application.

Completed applications can be sent to the State Board of Massage Therapy Professional Licensing Agency which is located at 402 West Washington Street, Room W072 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

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Is That All?

The process to get your massage therapy license may seem seem a bit daunting, but don’t worry. We can help. The first step is to talk with an Admissions Guide at IWC. They can help you get started with the school portion. When you finish your hours and are ready to take the exam and apply for your license, we can help walk you through all of the steps. We will be with your every step of the way. Once you are licensed and ready to go we can also help you in your job search and put you in touch with people who are looking to hire massage therapists.

Don’t put off your future. Get started today with IWC. A rewarding career in massage is waiting! Contact us to learn more and get answers to any questions you may have. We can help you get started on your journey to your new career.

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