Your IWC Team

Dainah Craft
Owner and Chief Executive Officer
Dainah Craft is a graduate of University of Utah with a B.S. in Health Psychology and a Minor in Nutrition. She is also a LMT who graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Daniah worked for many years within the massage industry, corporate sales, and education. When her Private Practice grew and needed to hire a quality clinical massage therapist there were none to be found. It was at this time that Dainah and Jason Craft realized that Indianapolis had a profound need for highly trained massage therapists, so the decision was made to change gears and they founded the Indiana Wellness College. Since that decision in 2010, IWC has grown to a Nationally Accredited, Title IV approved school, and we graduate more trained Massage Therapists than any other school in the Indianapolis metro area every year. With the demand for alternative health and wellness professionals increasing every year, Dainah looks forward to branching out into other wellness industries to supply them with highly trained professionals as well. At Indiana Wellness College: We believe in our hearts that the world needs the people we train. People that will go on to help people, one at a time to improve their health, level of fitness, and overall quality of life. It’s a great feeling to know that the impact IWC has stretches far beyond our graduates to every person they touch. Dainah knows our small corner of the world is a better place because of the passion, innovation, determination of the staff that IWC employs. And by the way… we have FUN doing it and strive to make sure learning at our school is productive but also fun. Graduates may leave IWC, but they will carry IWC with them in their hearts for the rest of their lives.
Jason R. Craft
Owner and Director of Education
Jason R Craft (NCTMB Board Certified MT, BA, GTP), is a founder, instructor and head curriculum designer for IWC. Jason studied Education & Business at USI. He completed a Teaching Practicum in Europe before becoming a national AmeriCorps volunteer serving as a site leader, lead instructor and co-coordinator serving immigrant and refugee populations for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia in the Washington DC metro area. Jason graduated with honors from the Utah College of Massage Therapy gaining his highest marks in Human Anatomy, Oriental Medicine, Deep Tissue for Postural Rehabilitation, and Sports Injury Massage. Jason has since worked in Spa and Medical Office settings alongside Chiropractors and Naturopaths. In addition to volunteering therapy with Hospice patients and their families, Jason has built several private practices and advanced his training in KinesioTaping, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Visceral Manipulation and others. Jason has taught massage and health science fundamentals professionally since 2003 and has designed two complete massage curriculums. In 2010, Jason and his wife, Dainah, founded the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage llc. With the intent of providing consistent high level massage career training across the Ohio river valley. Through a partnership headed by IMC administration, IMC was selected by the Graston Institute as one of the only training centers nationwide to train massage therapists in Graston Technique. Jason became one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique. His current focus is on the ongoing improvement of curriculum, academic staff training, and overall educational delivery at the rebranded Indiana Massage College’s Diploma of Sports & Medical Massage program.
Kristy Gilmore
Director of Admissions and Marketing
BA in Psychology and MA in Child and Family Therapy. Kristy recently moved to Indiana from Illinois due to a promotion her husband received, which required relocation. She has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit, social service sector. Kristy is an avid reader and loves to travel. When she moved, she was looking for a new and exciting challenge. The main requirements were 1. Amazing culture – supportive, encouraging, and a strive for excellence. 2. Something she could be passionate about 3. An opportunity to inspire people to live their best life. IWC delivered all three.
Ally Buntin
IDL Specialist
LMT – Graduate of IWC. Ally graduated from Noblesville High School in 2013 and is a proud alumni of IWC. She is an active practicing massage therapist at Indy Massage Company, and specializes in chronic pain relief and injury rehabilitation. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with my family, bicycling, and getting lost in nature. She has been with IWC since graduation and has since gained a great deal of experience supporting students during their educational journeys. She currently holds the IDL Specialist position, and operate the school's LMS system. She remains committed to IWC because she has witnessed first-hand the magic of learning, career growth, and positive change. She believes in the sincere, genuine intent that lives in the heart of every single person on the IWC team, and finds no greater fulfillment than helping to build brighter futures for every student that walks through the doors.
Erika Hoff
Classroom Coach
LMT - graduate of IWC; CCT, BS, MBA. Erika is a forever student! She loves to learn new modalities and massage techniques that will further grow her massage practice. She strives for ambition in everything she does and provides the best quality service each and every time. Erika chose to join the IWC family because she truly believes in the mission statement and values to Pursue Excellence in the training of compassionate, clinical, client-focus leaders in integrated wellness careers!
Diane Micich
Registrar/Career Services
LMT - graduate of IWC, Certified Cupping Therapist, Certified in the Graston Technique. Diane grew up in a large Italian family in New Jersey. She understands the importance of faith, family, friends, laughter, compassion, loyalty and dedication. She has been married for a very long time and I have three beautiful, intelligent, adult children…and two Chihuahuas, Gino and Cousin Vinny that are my lovable therapy dogs. Diane has been working for IWC ever since graduating in 2011. Attending classes here was such a positive, life changing experience that made her want to stay involved in any way. She truly admires the leadership of Dainah and Jason Craft. IWC is a close knit team where support is a constant through struggles and successes. Everyone works hard and has fun along the way.
Brandon Morgan
Clinic Manager
LMT - graduate of IWC. In addition to working at IWC, Brandon owns his own Massage Therapy business. He is also a “Musician Who Rocks Socks Off.” Brandon chose IWC because of the combination of high standards, professionalism and passionate student mentoring.
Brandon Rutten
Brandon (CMT, CTYM, RYT) is an IMC alumnus and has been practicing bodywork since 2008, specializing in Thai massage and therapeutic acrobatics. He has also been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Through this time, he has witnessed so much growth in himself and those around him with these practices. Brandon appreciates IWC for its encouraging environment and well-rounded program and is proud to be a part of the IWC staff. It brings him great joy to be able to share the effects of Thai bodywork and yoga with others. At home, he’s passionate about growing plants, camping, and playing board games.
Alizabeth Zokoe
Lead Instructor
LMT, CMT, GTP (Graston Provider), Rock Blade Certification. Liz loves to bake, read, binge watch anything on Netflix and anything in nature. She attended a course to become one of the first Massage Therapists in the nation trained in Graston Technique, a bodywork technique previously reserved for licensed physicians and physical therapists. When she is not teaching she likes to travel, enjoy any outdoor activities, and read books. She owns my own baking company called The Mad Batter and enjoys sharing her passion with others. Liz was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and went to Blue Heron Academy and graduated as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist. She specialized in lower back/ sciatic pain. She has a passion for educating people on the importance of massage and the benefits it has in our lives. Working at IMC as an instructor allows her to see that passion come true. She is excited to teach and guide the next generation of massage therapy students.
Brittney Tuttle
Academic Manager
LMT since 2015. Brittney is a proud graduate of IWC. She started working with the company as a clinic coach worked up to clinic manager, then instructor to finally academic manager. She also currently works part-time at a spa. She is extremely passionate about helping students and clients. Regardless if it is a massage session or a class she pours all of her energy into it so that everyone has the best possible experience. Brittney chose IWC because of the values and culture at the school. It feels like a family. When she is going through positive or negative things, IWC is right there to pick her up or cheer her on. She has never worked or gone to a school where she felt so supported. IWC has helped her grow into a stronger more confident person and therapist. She doesn’t know where she would be without IWC!
Jason Reed
Director of Financial Aid
AAS Professional Accounting, 20+ years Progressive Title IV experience. Jason has a passion for making college affordable for anyone who has a passion for changing his or her life. When not working, he enjoys his other passion which is music. For a very brief period of time, I was even in a rock n roll band! Jason chose IWC for a lot of the same reasons our students do. It quite simply feels like home. IWC has a sincere and passionate interest in the best possible outcome for everyone. IWC wants to support your vision as a wellness professional while opening your minds to opportunities you may have not yet considered. Your success is our success and why we do what we do.